…….”Ghana Has Good Prospects” says management

TATA Africa has ended a three day customer engagement activity for over 450 vehicles in Ghana. The main purpose of the initiative was to offer free health checks and diagnosis of vehicle problems in order to reach out to the customers and understand the problems that they were facing with the vehicles. The three day activity ended with a dinner awards ceremony which took place in Accra at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Tuesday.

The financial Controller of TATA Africa Holdings Ghana Limited, Mr Aashish Rastogi, said that the awards ceremony was a channel to communicate to the customers what has been done and what management intends to do. He added that it was also an occasion to reward loyal customers to the brand who had achieved a minimum mileage of 300 kilometres and have been a long associate with the TATA Company for at least 5 years.

Mr Rastogi also disclosed that TATA Africa is interested in investing in Ghana. “We are very optimistic in the chemical and Agricultural sector of Ghana because Agriculture is the backbone of any industry. Countries need to have a strong Agric support to grow.” He explained that TATA is not just interested in profit but seeks to be a development partner in Ghana. “We want to invest in the future of Ghana and be part of it”, he emphasized. Mr Rastogi cited that Ghana is one of the largest Cocoa producers in Africa yet does not have a world class chocolate factory. He said in the future, TATA would explore some of these areas not just as investment opportunities but also as sustainable development initiatives to help the country grow.

Some of the award recipients of the night were Metro Mass Transit Limited, Nana Kwadwo Gyasi Company, Forewin Ghana Limited, Multi Pro Private Limited, 3 E Industries, H & H Company Limited, and Far East Mercantile Limited.

By Jerry Wonder

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