MTV Base Talks ‘Payola’ and More to Ghanaian Artistes at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019 ‘Music Business’ Seminar.

Music channel MTV Base participated in this year’s edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ‘Music Business’ Seminar yesterday at the Alisa Swiss Spirit Hotel in Accra. Senior Channels Manager of the channel, Solafunmi Oyeneye, addressed concerns of the audience concerning rumors on numerous issues like ‘Payola’, ‘favouritism’ and others during the ‘questions and answers’ segment after her presentation at the seminar. The VGMA ‘Music Business’ Seminar was part of the lineup of events preceeding the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards on Saturday.

During the seminar, both musicians and managers of artistes took interest on some of the presentation made. One of the most engaging was that of Senior Channels Manager of the MTV Base, Solafunmi Oyeneye. When asked about one of the most popular rumors about the music station in Ghana, ‘payola’ as a requisite before one’s video can be played on MTV Base, she responded saying, ” What we have been able to do and we are proud to say is that we have pushed ‘payola’ to the barest minimum. On our channel, you dare not. Anybody that is caught getting paid or doing fairly ours gets immediate dismissal. And that’s a well written rule at MTV Base.”

She added that MTV Base was interested in good but quality music videos and once these formed part of their criteria for selection. “Send your works to our offices in Lagos or Johannesburg and if it’s meets our criteria we will push it”,she asserted.

Furthermore, she strongly advised that artistes should be true to themselves as the audience appreciated the truth. She said this was necessary in becoming successful and having a large following of fans. “You don’t need to do extra; just do the basics and the song will get there”, she said.

She was speaking on the topic ‘Making Your Music Videos Work for You’ at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019 ‘Music Business’ Seminar. Other speakers were Ben Oldfield, Vice President ‘The Orchard’ (Sony Music) among others.

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