OMY TV Legends Night Honors Veteran Ghanaian Sports Commentator Joe Lartey

OMY TV, a Ghanaian owned digital television station, has honored veteran sports commentator Joe Lartey in a ceremony held at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel in Accra on the 6th of June 2019. The Chief Executive Officer of the TV stations, Joyce Aku Mensah, said that it was necessary for the efforts and contributions of such legends to be recognized as it served as a motivation for the youth to uphold excellence and strive for greatness. She called on corporate entities to support such initiatives as these kind of events are the ones which truly celebrate legacies worthy of emulation by all. The event was well attended by notable faces from the sports fraternity in Ghana.

Joe Lartey was born on the 6th of June 1927 and has been a major stakeholder of sports commentary in Ghana since he began his career which has lasted over a decade. He has also worked with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC); one of the most respected brands in the Ghanaian media. Joe Lartey was presented with a glass plaque with praiseworthy words inscribed on it, a giant portrait of himself and a surprise birthday cake as coincidentally the ceremony and his birthday were on the same day. He was very appreciative of the gesture and expressed this in very few words. He said, “I wish there is somebody here today who can invoke the spirit of my dad. I am saying this because, my dad did not want me to do sports…. Today, I wish he could be brought here to witness the proceedings. I have been so overwhelmed with what I have seen tonight that the only thing I am going to say is thank you.”

The Chief Executive Officer of OMY TV, Joyce Aku Mensah, explained the purpose of the event. She said, “OMY TV is dedicated to sports, therefore, we show 70% sports as part of our content. After conducting a survey, we realized that the sports fraternity in Ghana had a lot of legends who have not been properly recognized and so we took it upon ourselves to do this for these great sports men because of their service to the nation as a way of showing our commitment to the growth and progress of sports in Ghana.” 

The celebrant for the night, Joe Lartey added that he is currently writing his memoirs which contains everything about his life since he was born and asked the audience to expect it soon. Joe Lartey also turned 92 that evening.  He again thanked OMY TV for organizing the event and all who came to support it.

OMY TV is a Ghanaian owned and licensed digital television station which begun test transmission in October 2018 and was launched in December 2018. The station is dedicated to the promotion of Ghanaian sports both within and outside the continent.

By Jerry Wonder

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