Actress Selassie Ibrahim Holds Private Screening for New Movie ’40 Looks Good On You’ in Accra.

Ghanaian Actress and  Chief Executive Officer of Smartyy’s Productions, a Ghanaian film and advertising company, outdoored to a select audience her brand new movie ’40 Looks Good On You’ at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra yesterday. The purpose of the occasion was to give prime stakeholders such as donors, financiers, movie critics, and the press, the opportunity to see the final work ahead of the main premiere on the 21st of June 2019 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. The actress stated that this new movie was also to announce her return to the screens and enable her continue pursuing her passion. The event was attended by some members of the elite society, actors, and other special guests.

After her last movie premiere ‘The C.E.O’, which happened 12 years ago, Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur ‘Selassie Ibrahim’ has hit the theatres again as she starrs in the movie ’40 Looks Good On You’ as a married woman living two contrasting lives. In the movie, she is caught up between reality and fantasy. The movie ’40 Looks Good On You’, will be a major comeback for the actress, but she disclosed that she was just once again following her passion and wasn’t really after any recognition or anything of the sort. “It has been 12 years since I did a movie premiere but I have still been producing within that time, but now I’m back. This is what I was called to do by God. As such, I’m doing this to derive some self fulfilment, but if I get nominated that will be fine and if I don’t then so be it”, she said. Selassie Ibrahim added that she was opened to learning and suggestions as her target was to reach as far as possible with her productions. “Smartyy’s Productions is not just looking at Ghana but beyond”, she said during her speech at the event.

Mimi Andani, the founder of the Golden Movie Awards, a film awards scheme based in Ghana, praised the casting of the movie saying it was a refreshing sight and added credibility to the story. 
“I think the casting was right and that’s why I can say that the performance was good. When the casting is right, the actors are able blend to perform collectively well. Also, the actors looked 40 years old which fits the description of the story.It wasn’t like like putting a young body to play an old person”, she explained. Mimi Andani further applauded the fusion of Nigerian and Ghanaian actors in the movie as a necessary strategy for international exposure and growth. “For me, international collaborations spread the wings of the production company so it is always good because, various nationalities would want to watch the film because one of them is in it. It also allows the actors to be widely known”, she said.

’40 Looks Good On You’ is a story that illustrates the modern day obsession with keeping up appearances at all costs in the eyes of one’s peers; even if it means creating a false image in order to achieve it. The movie creatively emphasizes the aftermath of ‘living a lie’ just to escape one’s inevitable reality. The story of 5 female school mates who promise each other to achieve their fantasies of becoming successful once done with school, later reunite after a long time only to discover that life may not have been as easy as they have wished for. The drama unfolds with traces of humor as the girls pretend to each other that all is rosey in their individual lives.

The cast exudes experience in acting out the various characters in the story. A mixture of Nigerian and Ghanaian actors gave the movie an international appeal. The matured cast comprised John dumelo, Selassie Ibrahim, Frederick Leonard, Uche Jumbo, Eddie Watson, Shaffy Bello, Roselyn Ngissah, and international singer Stephanie Benson. The movie was directed by Nigerian film director Pascal Amanfo.

By Jerry Wonder 

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