Why Celebrate Ghanaian Rap Icon ‘Sarkodie’ and Rapperholic Concert? (Part 1) By Jerry Wonder (Editor – Shine Publications).

In these times, one cannot help but notice the focus on wealth acquisition in the lyrics of many popular musicians and even religious campaigns. Ghana, a country that believes strongly in the Christian faith which preaches the essence of brotherly love and spiritual comfort over material gains, may have swayed from her original principles and the youth especially, are falling prey to the new status quo. However, one person stands tall in the face of  ‘artificial wealth’ and societal hypocrisy, and his name? …. Sarkodie.

The story of Sarkodie is no news because his start from rough times till his present luxurious lifestyle has been witnessed by his fans and others. From driving a Toyota matrix with hollow cheeks to plush SUV’s and international awards such as the B. E. T’s, King Sark has a story of elevation and success which did not occur in the dark. His ten year period of slowly but steadily climbing to the top is what can be described as ‘true success’.

But, in recent times in Ghana, religious messages preach more about miracles and ‘breakthroughs’ than discipline, hardwork and direction. This desire to get rich quickly is gradually been fuelled by such messages,no wonder ‘internet fraud’ and ‘spiritual money rituals’ are common among some Ghanaian youth. Even some musicians who are rumored to be involved in internet fraud, show off their wealth on social media and inculcate braggadocio lyrics in order to announce their success. Recently, a brief quarrel between two Ghanaian rappers saw one rapper mock the other for being poor, and the other responded accusing his colleague of acquiring the bulk of his wealth through Internet fraud. Comments on social media showed some significant support for the ‘poor rapper’. But this highlighted the growing desire for quick wealth against building a ‘firm legacy’ worthy of praises.

Sarkodie has taken 10 years to build a successful career and should be celebrated as a role model to inspire the youth and others that true greatness and success is not only quantified in material gains but a good name that can open doors for others. This brings to the table the annual ‘Rapperholic’ concert in Ghana. This highly patronized concert gives other rap talents in Ghana a platform to showcase their craft to the many fans of Sarkodie and the world; as the event is also broadcast on international television channels such as DSTV. Rapperholic has helped some Ghanaian artistes, both mainstream and upcoming, to meet and work with other successful artistes even from other countries tries such as Nigeria. The event continues to outgrow the venue as fans multiply each year to witness the celebration and enjoy the euphoria.

King Sark’s story can be compared to the likes of great heroes in the Bible and even politics such as Abraham Lincoln, David, Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Edison, and many more. All these names have one word in common: focus. One may add discipline, persistence, and success. But the most important thing to learn from them all, is their refusal to quit when times got rough and how success came step by step and not one night. This is the message that should be communicated to Ghanaians and even Africans for that matter. Success is a step by step process that needs to be initiated and guided by passion, discipline, persistence and a clear direction. This is the message we can derive from the story of Sarkodie.

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