‘Table for 3’ Premieres at Silverbird Cinemas This August!

On the 12th of August 2019, ‘Table for 3’, a new dramatic movie starring Ghanaian actors TooSweet Annan, Jessica Williams, Peter Ritchie, and  other screen talents, will hit the Silverbird Cinemas both at the Accra and West Hills Mall in Accra. The Director of the movie, Rasak Sulaimon, stated that this movie had a strong moral and touching storyline as it was inspired by a true life story.

‘Table for 3’ is a story about a young lady who desired nothing but to become the woman of her dreams. But, Every job offer that she got was preceded by sex demands. She was therefore caught up in a dilemma between her dreams and falling prey to the selfish demands of these individuals. The slogan of the movie “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”, implies the religious irony of the story and gives an idea to the events in the film.

The director of the movie, Sulaimon Rasak, said that the casting was carefully done in order to help bring the story to life and tell it the way it should be. He added that much attention and detail was given to production of the film as it was a true life story and had an educative purpose. “As a young director and being my first feature film, I needed to get actors who could understand me and help me carry out the message of the story. It is a true life story of someone very close to me and I thought it could be very educative to the present day youth because, these days a lot of young people get into things without understanding the repercussions of these choices we make”, he said.

Rasak Sulaimon also stated that unlike some African movies that sought to portray class or a particular culture, this movie had a universal appeal and therfore would be appreciated by most viewers from all walks of life. “This is a story that is not about class or religion but cuts across age difference or skin color. This story carries a message for everyone and is something we can all relate too”, he said.

‘Table for 3’ also stars Kweku Elliott , Kisa Gbekle, Bonnayo Damba, Emmet Tumbay, with a special appearance from Prophet Frank Boakye of Gospel Seed Ministry International.

By Jerry Wonder

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