Former Beauty Queen Geraldine Partington Speaks About Experience with Miss Malaika Pageant and Her Corporate Life.

Ghanaian beauty and winner of Miss Malaika Ghana 2011 Geraldine Partington, in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications today, stated that the Miss Malaika pageant has definitely had some positive impact on her. However, she prefers keeping her professional life as strictly business.

“On my personal life, the pageant certainly boosted my confidence. I learnt public speaking, went through the art of delivering a speech and I believe I mastered it. I also had a chance to do a lot of ‘philanthropy work’ , and raise funds for good causes. I worked on 5 projects in one year of which I am grateful for. My mother was my biggest support system and helped me carry out these projects with victory”, she said.

When asked about her life after the pageant, she stated that the professional world was very much different from ‘showbiz’ and certain principles had to be adopted in order to make progress. “I actually dislike being related to a pageant in the corporate world. I expect to be professional and do not like to be announced as a former beauty queen. It’s not what got me my job. My education got me where I am today, But, the Miss Malaika pageant definitely developed personal aspects of my life I am grateful for but let’s be professional and keep business as business”, she explained.

Geraldine Partington added that Beauty pageants are interesting but not everyone may be interested enough to take part in it. “I think pageants are fun. When you’re young, you want to experience different things in life. It was certainly an interesting experience. It is not a necessity in life, but if you are up for challenge then go for it”, she said.

Geraldine Partington has a Masters degree in International Business and a first degree in Spanish and Information Studies. She currently works with Bosch as the Marketing manager for West and Central Africa (automotive division) and is happily married with a daughter.

Miss Malaika pageant is an annual pageant in Ghana and is auditioning new potentials for this year’s edition on Saturday 27th July at Tomriek Hotel in East Legon, Accra.

By Jerry Wonder 

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