Actress and Social Media Personality ‘Shugatiti’ Talks About ‘Baby Mama’ Movie, Her Role and Public Image.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaian actress ‘Shugatiti’ on Thursday 25th July 2019 in Accra, the actress disclosed that she is not bothered about negative tags from people. She also said that passion helped her perform her role in the movie ‘Baby Mama’ even though she didn’t have any personal experience with the story. She said the movie ‘Baby Mama’ should be nominated for an award for at least the storyline of the film.

Shugatiti stars in ‘Baby Mama’ as a young lady who is forced into becoming a strip dancer due to a disagreement between her and her in – law. She took to stripping to earn a living in a local  nightclub where she met a wealthy man who discovers that his beautiful sexy stripper is a virgin; only after they had sex. The story develops into a romantic but short journey interrupted after the parents of the wealthy man receive  nude photos of their new in – law.

Shugatiti stars as the stripper who fell in love with the only man she has ever been with. When asked about her ability to adapt to the character in the movie, she said “It wasn’t too easy and it wasn’t too difficult as well because of my passion for acting.”

She also responded to comments on the Internet that she was indeed a prostitute. ” I do not have any personal experience relating to the story but, you cannot change people’s mindset about yourself, so however you see me to be just take it like that”, she said.

Actress ‘Shugatiti’ offered some advice to persons who may be in such a predicament as she believes the movie mirrors some of the issues in today’s society. “I think the movie is a reflection of the things going on today but, I think anyone in such a situation should consider their relationship and the character of their partner and not listen to what people say”, she said.

Responding to a question about the possibility of playing other diverse roles such as an action hero or villain, she said, “I haven’t done anything like that, but if it comes I will accept since I love acting and want to build a career out of it. In fact, I am ready for anything.”

With the Ghana Movie Awards 2019 slowly approaching, actress ‘Shugatiti’ wasn’t too hopeful for herself but for the movie ‘Baby Mama’. “Time will tell if I am to be recognized. But, if I don’t get nominated , I will keep on working hard till I get it. However, in my opinion, ‘Baby Mama’ should be nominated because the storyline was good!”, she explained.

‘Shugatiti’ is an actress based in the Ashanti Region of Ghana and she played a major role in the movie ‘Baby Mama’. The movie a few weeks ago premiered in Kumasi and had a large crowd at the venue. It also got a significant number of people to attend the premiere in Accra. The movie joins the movie ‘The 2 Pilots’ as the only movies from the Kumasi film industry (Kumawood) within the last 7 months ‘, to successfully premiere in Accra at the National Theatre despite tags of being for the lower class in society. The movie also featured popular Ghanaian comedians and actors ‘kalybos’ and Kojo Nkansah among other notable faces.

By Jerry Wonder 

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