‘Baby Mama’ Movie Premiere Excites Audience Despite Average Turn Out in Accra.

After the successful premiere in Kumasi earlier this month, ‘Baby Mama’ failed to replicate the same success in attendance at the premiere of the much talked about film at the National Theatre in Accra on Thursday 25th July 2019. Nevertheless, the audience expressed some excitement as they laughed and reacted to certain scenes during the showing of the movie. The producer of the movie, Tracey Boakye was grateful to the audience and said she felt a sense of accomplishment.

‘Baby Mama’ was a dramatic comedy which highlighted the repercussions of having an imperfect past. It told the story of an accidental love between a ‘stripper by circumstanc’ and a young wealthy man. The movie had a lot of humorous scenes with actor Kojo Nkansah popularly known as ‘Lil Win’ which regularly ignited laughter among the audience. There were also strong emotional moments that were illustrated by actress Shugatiti which commanded silence in the theatre and suggested 100% audience attention and admiration. At the end of the first showing, the audience applauded the cast and production team for a good work done as they mounted the stage to say some words of appreciation.

But, despite the social media hype and publicity, the audience present at both the first and second showings of the movie at the premiere, could not fill the seats at the ground floor. It was barely half full with both the 1st and 2nd floors of the National Theatre empty. Some attendees attributed the average turn out to the fact that the movie was premiered on a working day and so people couldn’t attend due to early morning work schedules the next day. But this was not the case at the premiere in Kumasi which saw a large crowd at the venue.

However, the producer of ‘Baby Mama’ and also a member of the cast, Tracey Boakye, said that she felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the first showing of the movie after the audience cheered her and the production team. “I was so happy when I saw you clapping at the end of the show because that is what I was expecting”, she said as she gave her vote of thanks on stage.

‘Baby Mama’ featured some popular faces like actor/comedian Kalybos, Moesha Bouduong, Rosemond Brown, Xandy Camel, and other local talents. The language used in the movie was predominantly Twi with few utterances in English. The premiere was attended by some celebrities namely Clemento Suarez of Kejetia Fame, New Ruff Town Records signee ‘Fantana’, radio and television personality Afia Schwarzenegger, the General Manager of Angel Television Sally Akua A. and other guests. The movie is set for another premiere in Sunyani.

By Jerry Wonder 

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