‘Ghetto Hero’ Movie Entertains Audience at Premiere with ‘Amateurish’ Screenplay and Celebrity Cast.

Last weekend, on Saturday 12th October 2019 at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall, excited fans got the chance to interact with some local celebrities at the premiere of the highly anticipated movie of the month ‘Ghetto Hero’. Even though the story was illustrated by a screenplay which after a closer look suggested improvisation rather than properly written lines, the large presence of humor and Ghanaian celebrities in the film, kept the audience excited. The cast of some high profile Ghanaian celebrities also gave the audience something to chew on.

‘Countryman Songo’ was the man everyone looked out for in the movie. As the lead character in the film, ‘Countryman Songo’ known for his controversial statements and humorous style of presenting on his TV show ‘Fire for Fire’, stirred the emotions of the audience by emanating laughter from them at almost every scene, and even in some cases awe, like when he performed energetic acts especially during chases in the movie. He played a Ghetto boy who after experiencing the harsh and fast life of living in a slum finally converts to Christianity; after receiving counseling from a Pastor. His true life public image helped in convincing the audience about his character as he is noted for associating himself with the Rastafarian lifestyle which was no different from his character in the movie.

But the same cannot be said for the 2018 Ghana Movie Awards ‘Best Actor’ in a Lead Role Adjetey Annang. His role in the movie as the leader of a gang in a ghetto was not so convincing. The gangster nature and attitude was far from present in his delivery. At a point, when  his character was teaching one of his young recruits to use a gun, it sounded like a good and careful Sunday school teacher rather than a hardcore ghetto lord. Again, the lines were not credible for a gangster. But, Adjetey Annang is also known for playing some iconic bad boy roles like his ever popular ‘Pusher’ of ‘Things We Do For Love’ series.

The story of this dramatic comedy  was nothing new to Ghanaian or African cinema and yet, the screenplay which should have been the icing on the cake was not something to write about. However, the humor and celebrity presence was compensation for the slops and the audience responded to it with rounds of laughter.

The movie also featured well known Ghanaian faces namely actress and TV host Nana Ama Macbrown, Kojo Nkansah a. K. a. ‘Lil Win’, John Dumelo, Omar Krupp and others. Dialogues and conversations were in a mixture of Twi and English as the movie featured both Kumasi and Accra based actors.

By Alex Amponsah 

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