‘Kofi Pages’, ‘Nessa’ and ‘Singer P’ Take the Lead at ‘MTN Hitmaker Season 8’ But May Still Suffer Eviction on Tuesday!

With two live sessions of the MTN Hitmaker Season 8 already gone by, three of the 12 Finalists have already shot into the lime light and are fast gaining audience admiration and praises from the judges. Kofi Pages, Nessa and Singer P are the current favorites who by way of their memorable and impressive performances, either on the first or second day, have been tipped to win the competition by some fans. But, the first eviction of the competition scheduled to come off tomorrow at the National Theatre in Accra might see some promising talents exit the reality TV series as the votes are the only guarantee of retaining a finalist in the competition and not only cheers.

‘Singer P’, ‘Nessa’ and ‘Kofi Pages’ have received very promising comments from the judges especially on the first day of the competition. Music producer and judge ‘Kaywa’ described ‘Singer P’ as a superstar after his debut performance in the reality TV series. Nessa’s first time act wowed the audience and the judges as she sang American singer Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’.
“I didn’t expect such a performance from you. I think that was perfect”, said Richie Mensah; a judge and Founder of Lynx Entertainment after watching her perform. Kofi Pages has enjoyed the loudest cheers in the auditorium since the first day. He has also attracted good remarks from the judges. On the second day of the competition, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019 winner and guest judge Medikal complimented him on his performance. “Myself, I will vote for you!” he said. Fellow judges Richie and Kaywa added more praises to him. “You sang amazingly, you rapped really well, and his dancing was on point. What you did right now was excellent”, said Richie. “You are versatile! I enjoyed your verses even more than your chorus”, Kaywa added. Last week Monday, ‘Nessa’, ‘Kofi Pages’ and ‘Singer P’ were nominated for the MTN Bright Moment based on their performances at the official opening of the competition. Apart from Nessa winning the MTN Bright Moment, all three of them were also exempted from eviction that week due to their nomination for the MTN Bright Moment.

But despite the positive comments from the judges, the unpredictable reality and fate of the 12 Finalists lie in the number votes each contestant receives prior to the eviction announcement. Last week, it was a narrow escape for ‘Mawuli’, Kojo Carl and Lasmid. The judges gave all of them another chance by saving them from eviction because they initially performed songs that were not their own and the judges wanted them to perform their original songs to unearth what they are truly made of. Fans of the various Finalists have been therefore advised not only to cheer but to vote massively for the favorites because that is what will keep them in the competition.

Last week, all the 12 contestants got to sing and perform their own songs produced by their mentors ‘Mix Master Garzy’, ‘MOG Beats’ and ‘Dj Breezy’. This year’s 12 finalists of the MTN Hitmaker Season 8 have been described as great potentials by the judges. “I think they are great singers but this time I can also hear great rappers”, said Judge Kaywa. “One thing I like about these contestants is that they are very confident and that is one of the very important attributes of great artiste”, added Judge Richie Mensah. All 12 contestants will be competing for the ultimate prize of Ghc 120,000.00 recording deal. The 12 Finalists for the MTN Hitmaker Season 8 are Ali baba, Jeremy, Kojo Karl, Nesta, Sinam, Kofi Pages, Derrick, Singer P, Qwesi Ishe, lasmid, Mawuly and Mimi.

By Jerry Wonder 

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