Ghanaian Actress Rabby Bray Honored by University of Ghana Business Administration Students Association.

Last week Thursday, at the L.B.C. Auditorium inside the University of Professional Studies (U. P. S.), Ghanaian actress Rabby Bray was presented with a citation in honor of her commitment to the development of women in Ghana. She received the honor at the ‘Women’ s Innovative Lab’ ; an event organized under the auspices of the A.B.A.S. Women’s Commission under the theme ‘Meet the Challenge, Navigate the Future’. Actress Rabby Bray said she agreed to speak at the event because interacting with each other and sharing experiences was also a way of empowering one another.

Ghanaian actress Rabby Bray is no stranger to social innovations and women empowerment campaigns. Last year, she took a risk in producing a movie called ‘Black Sheep’ which sought to increase public awareness on the realities of mental disorders in women and won an award for her work at the Kaduna Film Festival this year. She was also nominated this year at the Ghana Outstanding Women Awards for the ‘Excellency in Film’ award. In an exclusive interview with Shine Publications, she explained how important innovation was to her. “Innovation is the process of making or inventing products or services . As someone who wants to break barriers for women, innovation is extremely important as women have  a great deal to bring to the innovation table”, she said. In response to why she chose to speak at the programme, she said, “I accepted the invitation  to the program because I believe we can empower and encourage each other by sharing knowledge”.

Actress Rabby Bray added that she has a list of activities lined up for next year all in commitment towards her campaign for women empowerment. “I have a full calender planned for 2020 with support from Faytex sanitary pads so more is coming”, she said.
The citation was presented as a form of gratitude for her contribution to the University  of Professional Studies Business Administration Students Association.

By Jerry Wonder 

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