Richmond Xavier Amoakoh a.K.a ‘Lawyer Nti’ Hopes for More ‘Serious’ Roles in Movies……..

Even though it is well known that Ghanaian comedy movies are usually more successful at the cinemas than films from other genres, 2018 Ghana Movie Awards ‘Discovery of the Year’ winner Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, also known as ‘Lawyer Nti’, has stated that he desires more challenging roles in movies. The actor said that once the public begins to see you as a comedian, it becomes difficult for film makers to use you for other types of roles that do not require laughter or any comic displays. He said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications.

Actor and comedian Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, also known as ‘Lawyer Nti’, has called for more challenging roles for himself in Ghanaian movies. The actor believes that he has more to offer Ghanaian movie lovers than only humor. “Once you are branded a comic actor, it is very difficult for producers to look beyond your comedy prowess and give you serious roles. I am hopeful though that one day, I will be cast for a serious role”, he explained.

This year, one of the most successful movies, according to the huge turn out at the premiere, was ‘3 Idiots and A Wiseman’ starring a team of popular Ghanaian comedians including actor Richmond Xavier Amoakoh. Some critics have even paired the movie with another hugely successful movie, by way of attendance at its premiere, called ‘Away Bus’ produced by Kofi Asamoah, as the two most successful movies of the Year. These are part of the evidence that comedy ranks high on the Ghanaian viewers list. Actor and comedian Richmond Xavier Amoakoh asserted this. “The numbers we experienced at the National Theatre at the premiere of ‘3 Idiots and A Wiseman’ was proof of the fact that people want to have a good laugh every now and then. Most of the people who came for the premiere, came because they saw a poster or a trailer of a movie that had the potential of ‘cracking’ them up. Comedy has played a very key role in the thriving of the movie industry and will always do. This is a statement of fact from Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and the Ghanaian movie industry”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder 

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