Actress ‘Shugatiti’ Responds to Critics After Winning Award at CBaze Awards 2019

Controversial kumasi based actress popularly known as ‘Shugatiti’  in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications on Saturday, stated that she is grateful to the harsh comments she has received from people over the year as they have contributed to making her a success. The actress said this after she received an award for being the favorite actress of the tertiary students community this year at the CBaze Awards in Accra on Saturday.

Actress ‘Shugatiti’ expressed her joy after winning the award by appreciating her fans and also her hard critics. “I’m so excited; I feel so privileged for this opportunity and I thank God Almighty and those who have been supporting me, including those who have been hating on me too because without them I wouldn’t have been here”, she said.

The actress popularly known for publishing sexually provocative videos of herself shaking her buttocks on social media, added that she is working on transforming herself into a better person for her fans. “Even though my fans like me as I am, I am still trying to be a better person for them; we are all still learning”, she said. ‘Shugatiti’ this year starred in a the fictional movie ‘Baby Mama’ which had a commendable turnout both in Accra and Kumasi.

By Jerry Wonder 

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