‘Alarm Blows’ At CBaze Awards 2019…….Kofi Mole’s Comment May Put Organizers In Trouble.

The recently held CBaze Awards on Saturday th 23rd of November 2019 at the Fantasy Dome in Accra, has been hit by some confusion among the public due to the utterance of Ghanaian musician ‘Kofi Mole’. The artiste stated at the event, after being called up stage to receive an award, that though he was not part of the nominations for the award he was called up stage to receive it. However, he expressed his gratitude to the organizers despite the murmuring that was ongoing among the audience. Some nominees and attendants of the CBaze Awards on Saturday have expressed their dissatisfaction about the incident.

The CBaze Awards, an awards scheme that celebrates excellence in the tertiary and entertainment fraternity of Ghana, has come under some criticism from the public after musician Kofi Mole stated that he was not part of the nominees for a particular award but still won it. “I wasn’t part of the nominees but they said I have won”, he said in a sarcastic manner. The murmuring grew louder I  the auditorium after the comment was made. This didn’t deter the musician from going ahead to dedicate the award to his beat maker and present it to him.

Another occurrence that angered some of the audience was the abrupt end of the event without mentioning other categories and the corresponding winners. As some nominees sat through out the show into the late hours of the night in anticipation of the mentions of the categories, they were left in a state of uncertainty until host announced the official closure of the event. The management of the CBaze Awards are yet to respond to the incident and the other complaints from the attendants and nominees. CBaze Awards is one of the most patronized youth awards schemes in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder 

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