Fans Say No to 70 : 30 Voting Ratio on Day 5 of MTN Hitmaker Season 8

Some fans who attended yesterday’s eviction show of season 8 of the MTN Hitmaker reality TV series, expressed their dissatisfaction at the announcement by Co – host ‘Bella Mundi’ of the talent show. She clearly stated that,} 00of the 100% points allocated to every finalist of the competition, 70% will be awarded by the judges and the remaining 30% by votes from the public. Some fans who were interviewed by Shine Publications at random selection, stated that they have been oblivious of the announcement as a rule right from the inception of the competition and described it as unfair and illogical. Some further labeled it as a threat to the true opinions of the fans.

In an exclusive interview with some of the supporters of some of the finalists of the ‘MTN Hitmaker Season 8’, it was clear that they were not in support of the voting ratio which was announced yesterday by Co – host ‘Bella Mundi’. Gloria Enchill also known as ‘Yaa Baby’ a fan of finalist ‘Ali Baba’ stated that she was oblivious of the voting ratio and explained why she dislikes the 70:30 voting ratio. “I didn’t know about the 70:30 voting percentage. In fact, this is a new thing I got to know today. And, I don’t feel good about this because we the supporters had the power to determine the fate of our contestants, but now, the table has turned and this implies that we the supporters don’t really have any power anymore. It also means that, if the judges do not want a contestant, they can easily take them out of the competition”, she explained. A fan of finalist Qwesi Ishe, Belinda Nkansah, also expressed her dissatisfaction in the 70:30 voting ratio. “I never knew about the voting percentage. I even though it was 60:40 in favor of the fans. I think it’s not fair. I think the larger part of the voting power should be with us the fans because we are using our money to vote”, she said. Another fan, Dj Kapo Bernard, who is loyal to finalist Jeremy, added his voice to the growing complaint. “I didn’t know about the 70:30 voting percentage. I thought it was rather 60:40 with the fans having the larger part because this competition is about the fans. I don’t think we would have been asked to vote if it was only about the judges opinions”, he said.

The fans went ahead to recommend other voting ratios they felt would be mutually beneficial to both the fans and the judges, and remphasized the importance of keeping the fans in charge. “Since MTN Hitmaker is about the fans, the organizers should allow the fans to determine who they want to stay in the competition because the judges are just there to guide the contestants and not to determine their fate. After the competition, it is the fans who will remain with the contestants and not the judges”, explained Gloria Enchill; a fan of finalist Ali Baba. “I would prefer 60% to the fans and 40% to the judges”, said Dj Kapo Bernard; a fan of finalist Jeremy.

The Public Relations Officer of the organizers of Charter House; the organizers of the MTN Hitmaker Season 8, are yet to respond concerning whether the 70:30 voting ratio was initiated right from the inception of the reality TV series.

By Jerry Wonder

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