Is ‘Nessa’ Being Favored by the Judges?……… Day 5 Eviction Raises Eyebrows!

Singer ‘Nessa’ who began the competition on the first day by wowing the audience with her powerful vocal delivery of American singer Beyonce s ‘Drunk In Love’,  has recently come under heavy criticism from some patrons of the MTN Hitmaker Season 8 reality TV show. Yesterday, ‘day 5 eviction’ show, some patrons at the National Theatre in Accra murmured and even yelled in disgust when ‘Nessa’ was exempted from the eviction. Previous evictions this season have seen 2 finalists leave the competition at every eviction show, but only yesterday was the eviction limited to just one person. Some patrons expressed their dissatisfaction at the incident and suggested bias judgment on the part of the judges of the competition. Another factor that fuelled their anger towards the eviction, was the first time announcement of the fact the the judges had the upper hand in determining who remained in the competition. The voting ratio was announced by Co – host Bella Mundi as 70% : 30% with the judges constituting the larger percentage, to form the overall accumulated score of 100% per finalist. Exclusive interviews with some of the patrons revealed the tendency for foul play allegations at the judges from patrons as the competition progresses.

Angry patrons vented their anger yesterday at the National Theatre at day 5 of the live eviction show of the MTN Hitmaker Season 8 by openly expressing their opinions about finalist ‘Nessa’ even after the competition had ended. An angry fan named Agyemang Duah explained his disgust at the eviction process yesterday. “They only made it one person (evictee) because they know that if it were two people (evictees) ‘Nessa’ would go home. They are just trying to keep her in the competition because they like her but this is about who the fans like and not them”, he said. During the announcement of only ‘Kojo Karl’ as the evictee for this week, some yelled in the auditorium “Nessa, you will go home” and “Nessa, are you still in the competition?”.

Nessa has won a lot of admiration on social media for recording videos of herself performing covers to international songs. This and some of her performances at the MTN Hitmaker Season 8 has placed her as undoubtedly one of the top vocalists in the competition. Yesterday, she appeared on stage more confident than previous editions and was even spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger. This suggests her admittance of having personal problems last week, may have been fixed as she was all smiles on stage.

By Jerry Wonder

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