Actress Xandy Kamel Crowned Best Role Model at Ghana Tertiary Awards 2019.

Controversial Ghanaian actress ‘Xandy Kamel’ on Friday 29th November 2019 at the Pentecost University in Sowutuom, was awarded the best role model of the Year at the 2019 edition of the Ghana Tertiary Awards. She received the award for being adjudged as the most admired public figure among the tertiary fraternity in Ghana. The actress said that the award came as a surprise to her and promised to support students’ related activities as a sign of appreciation of the honor.

Actress Xandy Kamel gave an emotional statement after winning the award. Though there was some murmuring among the audience, the actress celebrated her win with smiles and stated that she doubted that she would be victorious. “To all students, henceforth, I promise to use my platform to support any projects that is student oriented. I am truly surprised today, in fact, when I was nominated, I gave up. I even told the organizers that I won’t win the award so this is a surprise. So I dedicate this award to my mother, because ever since my father died she has always been there for me”, she said.

Xandy Kamel also used the opportunity to sarcastically thank her critics. “Also, to all those hiding behind fake accounts on social media just to insult me, God bless you for your insults”, she added.

This year, Xandy Kamel starred in the much publicized movie ‘Baby Mama’ with fellow controversial actress ‘Shugatiti’. The actress is known for speaking her mind on issues that bother her on social media as well as traditional media.

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