‘Snakes at Dinner’ Stage Play Closes the Year with Applause

On Wednesday 27th November 2019 at the ‘Folks Place’ ; an annex of the National Theatre in Accra,  some lovers of drama were entertained by the comedy play ‘Snakes at Dinner’. A group of young actors illustrated the play with relatable and funny conversations and dialogues that emanated laughter from the audience. The play was part of a series of plays which commenced in March this year as a partnership between ‘2 Idiots Productions’ and the National Theatre. ‘Snakes at Dinner’ marks the end of the series of plays this year, however, a representative from ‘2 Idiots Productions’ stated that the series will recommence  in March next year.

Drama is also a major item on the Ghanaian entertainment menu. Thanks to a group of young passionate actors, ‘Wednesday Theatre’ which is an initiative to promote drama and offer lovers of plays an affordable opportunity to enjoy creativity and live acting, has been successfully carried out this year. ‘Wednesday Theatre’ is a collaborative effort between ‘2 Idiots Productions’ and the management of the National Theatre, Accra. A representative of ‘2 Idiots Productions’ described the collaboration as a successful journey which will continue next year. ” Wednesday Theatre’ is a National Theatre programme in collaboration with ‘2 Idiots Productions’. We started this journey in March and this is the last episode for the season, but we will be back next year in March. We are thankful to the leadership of the National Theatre for this partnership”, he said.

‘Snakes at Dinner’ is a farce that ridicules infidelity in marriage. It focuses on the complications involved in maintaining both marriage and another romantic relationship outside the home. It also showcases the thirst for the pleasures derived from such immoral relationships. The comedy builds as the characters involved get entangled in their lies as they try to hide the truth of their lustful desires. ‘Snakes at Dinner’ is a play that can be watched by the family and comprises a lot of moral lesson and laughter.

By Jerry Wonder 

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