‘MTN Hitmaker 8’ Final Eviction Show Surprises Many……… As Mawuly and Qwesi Ishe Exit and Nessa Proceeds to Grand Finale!

Arguably Ghana’s most prolific talent show, MTN Hitmaker, this year has exposed some unforgettable names among potential Ghanaian music stars. On Tuesday December 3rd at the National Theatre in Accra, the last of the live eviction shows came off with many surprises to many fans. The eviction of contestants Mawuly and Qwesi Ishe in spite of encouraging comments from the judges, brought disappointment to many fans at the venue on Tuesday. Another shocker to many fans at the venue was the selection of contestant Nessa as part of the final four for the grand finale of the ‘MTN Hitmaker season 8’ scheduled for the 14th of December 2019 at the Fantasy Dome, La. Fans and supporters of the evictees registered their displeasure and cried foul play from the judges.

Supporters of evictee Mawuly, in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications, have described the eviction of former contestant Mawuly as bias and undeserving.  They reacted to contestant Nessa’s addition to the final four as deviation from the true essence of the competition and have blamed the judges for being partial in awarding the scores.  A disk jockey resident in Teshie and a fan of Mawuly, Dj Big Bim popularly referred to as ‘Agbo3’, suggested foul play in Mawuly’s eviction and asked the organizers of the show to sit up. “I feel really bad because we are very much disappointed today. We saw Mawuly’s awesome performance but at the end of the day he has been declared a looser. The judges are lying when they say they compiled scores from last week and this week because Mawuly won the MTN Bright Moment for last week so how can they evict him?  Mawuly has always been putting up his best in the show; and not like the others who have been questioned sometimes about their emotions and personal problems. The contestants are to come and put up their best on stage and Mawuly has done that and so we feel he should be selected for the finals. Again, Mawuly has only been nominated for eviction once unlike Nessa. So, the organizers should sit up especially on the part of the judges because we feel there is something hidden somewhere. Even after Mawuly’s last performance, all the judges had positive comments about him so why this outcome? ”, he emphasized.

He added that if there was a chance for a ‘wild card’ that would see one of the evictees return to the competition to participate in the finals, it should be no other than Mawuly. He also said threatened a social media campaign against the title sponsor of the competition MTN and the organizers Charter House Ghana to register their dissatisfaction. They added that they would not be attending the finals unless something is done about Mawuly’s eviction.

Another fan of Mawuly, Derrick Yaw, also expressed his displeasure at the eviction of former contestant Mawuly and ridiculed contestant Nessa’s onstage appeal to the audience to assist her in finding her missing mother as a call for sympathy votes. “I am not myself right now. Looking at the previous performances of Mawuly, you will notice that he only had one bad performance, but in other shows, he was consistent with good deliveries. This is a talent show, so if your mother is missing, go and report the matter to the newspapers and television stations and not on this platform. How can she expect us to sympathize with her in order for her to go to the finals? Nessa doesn’t deserve to be in the finals. The finals would have been epic because Mawuly is from Teshie, and Teshie is close to Labadi, but now our man is gone”, he said.

It wasn’t only supporters of Mawuly that felt disappointed at the evictions, fans of other contestants who made it to the top 4 also added their voice to the many saddened cries. Tracey Biney, a fan of Ali Baba, said “From the beginning till today, everything has been exciting, but speaking about fairness, I am not feeling good about this particular day because I was expecting Qwesi Ishe to be among the final four for the grand finale so I am disappointed. I know the people who made the selection are aware of the capabilities of the final four but, from a personal perspective, I was expecting a couple of people to be in there; Qwesi Ishe and Mawuly.”

Both Mawuly and Qwesi Ishe have received praises from respected names in the Ghanaian music industry in the competition. For, instance, on the 4th day of the competition, Mawuly was hailed by both judges Kaywa and Richie for being the most creative contestant on stage in the competition. Qwesi Ishe also received a compliment from guest judge and President of the Creative Arts Council of Ghana, Mark Okraku Mantey, on day 3 of the competition, for his passion and great voice. 

This was the first time in the history of the MTN Hitmaker reality TV show that four contestants were evicted on the same day. This and other actions elevated the reasons of doubt on the selection of the evictees by some of the supporters of the contestants such as all the judges leaving the auditorium prior to the announcement of the top 4 finalists for the Grand Finale.  The other evictee comprising the three last evicted contestant was Jeremy. But, despite the partly sad ending of the evening, most of the audience were looking forward to the showdown at the Grand finale.

By Jerry Wonder

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