Grammy Award Winner ‘Cardi B’ Rocks Accra! …….. Despite Poor Organization of Livespot Festival In Ghana.

Yesterday at the Accra Sports Stadium, American rapper ‘Cardi B’ thrilled fans by performing her songs on stage at the Livespot Festival in Accra. The event suffered a lot of setbacks including electrical power failure and the absence of certain top Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians who were advertised to perform at the concert. The angry crowd responded with severe complaints and the throwing of bottles on to the stage. However, the major act for the evening, ‘Cardi B’, still got the crowd to cheer at the top of their voices throughout her performance till she exited.

Many who attended the Livespot Festival yesterday in Accra had very little positive comments about the entire event. The failure of certain key acts like Shatta Wale and Sarkodie to perform, aroused anger in many of the fans. Their desperation built up after the exit of Cardi B and there was still no sign of Ghanaian  musician ‘Shatta Wale’; even though the Mc kept mentioning his name as a cue that he was going to eventually show up. In the early hours of the dawn, some fans were still standing in for the of the stage waiting for one of the advertised acts, who had not performed to mount the stage since the Mc had vacated the stage and there was no sound nor any form of communication between the organizers and the crowd. Fans began leaving after they noticed the technical crew had began dismantling the equipment. Other unfortunate moments was the electricity failure at the venue which lasted over 45 minutes. This rendered the stage very dark with only a distant light providing illumination to some of the musicians who performed; namely Guru and Kwaku Smoke. There were periods when tempers were high among the crowd that saw them respond by throwing both plastic and glass bottles at the stage.

But, the highest point of excitement at the Livespot Festival in Ghana, was when Grammy Award Winner ‘Cardi B’ walked onto the stage with her dancers and ‘hype man’. The fans pushed and cheered as many struggled to squeeze their way to the front of the stage to get a closer view of the musician. A fan named Shannon said, “Now that I have seen her, I can rest. She was the reason I agreed to come to the stadium because the stadium is not my kind of place.” Another fan, Linda, who sang a lot of ‘Cardi B’s songs word for word while she was performing, described’ Cardi B’ as a lady in the midst of Giants. “Cardi made it from nightclubs to the big stage. I am proud of her and she has been a motivation for me since. I also like her songs because she raps as if she can take on anybody; even male rappers”, she explained.

The Livespot Festival, this year, was hosted in both Nigeria and Ghana. The event had a more positive response from the Nigerian audience as a lot of top Nigerian acts performed at the event. In Ghana, ‘Cardi B’ was supported by Ghanaian musicians Becca, Medikal, Kofi Mole, Eno Barony, Kreamy, Donzy and others.

By Jerry Wonder 

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