Sister Derby to Release ‘African Mermaid EP’ with Music Company in France in 2020.

Afropop musician ‘Sister Derby’ in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications, talked about her upcoming EP ‘African Mermaid’ and the likelihood of a publishing deal with a record company in France in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications. She also stated that she has proven herself and defied many critics not to be a one hit maker. She said this on Saturday in Accra.

Sister Derby spoke about her upcoming project the ‘African Mermaid EP’ and said that it would be her major focus for the year 2020. “My major plan for 2020 is my EP ; The African Mermaid EP. It is going to have 6 brand new songs and I have already released one which featured rapper ‘Yaa Pono’. So I am going to be doing a lot more music videos and collaborations with many artistes. The African Mermaid EP already has artistes like Eno Barony, Strongman, and others. The truth is that, I was going to release it on 1st Jan 2020 but, a company in France wants to take up publishing and distribution so I may have to hold on a bit and see how it goes”, she explained.

Sister Derby said that it was her unique style and branding as a controversial act that attracted the foreign music company. “Well, the person that is interested in the African Mermaid EP is someone who believes in unique or different music and not the general or purely commercial music. He is actually attracted to the fact that I told him I don’t get enough airplay for my songs and videos in Ghana because people tag then as controversial”, she said.

Sister Derby also refuted claims that she is a one hitmaker and would fade with time. “That’s what some people thought in 2012 when I released the ‘Uncle Obama’ song, but obviously, I am not a one hit musician. I recently dropped ‘Kakalika Love’ and that too was a hit. Even, the majority of the people who don’t support me, don’t have much to say anymore because no matter how hard they criticize my music, I remain consistent and focused, and this is key in anything you do in life if you want to succeed”, she explained.

Finally, Sister Derby stated that should the international publishing deal materialize, most of her tours and revenue would be generated from outside Ghana. She further lamented about the lack of an efficient royalty collection body in Ghana. “Should this deal go through, this will mean that most of my income and tours will be based outside Ghana. In Ghana, we don’t have an efficient system that collects royalties from airplay of music, but if I sign with this company, no matter where in the world my music is played, I will be paid for it”, she explained.

In November this year, Sister Derby received an award at the Campus Base Awards 2019 in Accra. The Afropop musician shot into the spot light with her first major single ‘Uncle Obama’. The controversial song even got her an interview with media giant CNN. Sister Derby is the biological sister of Ghanaian musician ‘One Luv the Kubolor’.

By Jerry Wonder

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