‘December in the 70’s Party’ for 2019 Officially Launched …….. Mimi Andani Michaels Promises Fun and a Show of Fashion!

The maiden edition of the ‘December in the 70’s Party’ was yesterday officially launched yesterday at the Erate Hotel in East Legon, Accra. The organizers of the event, NMJ Ghana, assured guests that the initiative, though a new one, would be the most exciting party this festive season. Mimi Andani Michaels, a representative of NMJ Ghana, stated that the 70’s was a time of revolutionary fun and fashion, hence, the choice to celebrate that particular era by giving people of present times the opportunity to experience that excitement, and those of past times, a chance to relive those memorable happy moments. The main event is scheduled for the 26th of December 2019 at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra.

Mimi Andani Michaels at a meeting with the press yesterday, explained the reason for the choice of the 70’s era to be singled out amongst others and celebrated. “The 70’s was a period of change with many glamorous moments as well as wild fashion and lifestyle. It was a period when people actually begun to spend money, have fun and party. Perhaps, one of the most notable phenomena during thus period was the popular disco music and disco appearances at a lot of events. As an events company that provide for our patrons only the best events and 2019 being the ‘Year of Return’ here in Ghana, there couldn’t have been a better way to party while learning or reliving the 70’s than in the ‘December in the 70’s Party”, she explained.

Mimi Andani Michaels added that the’ December in the 70’s Party’ will comprise other activities that will engage patrons as well as reward deserving participants. She stated that the event was here to stay and would be replicated annually. “This is a fun filled event that will’ teleport’ us back to the good old days to experience the exciting moments of that period with well colored clothes and funky music. The event promises to be exciting and will leave a lasting memory in the minds of all our patrons. This is the maiden edition and will be held in the month of December every year. It would take the form of a party in a park with lots of great Dj’s on rotation from 12 noon to 12 midnight”, she said.

‘December in the 70’s Party’ will include dance competitions, karaoke sessions, as well as opportunities to win prizes from some of the sponsors of the event like Gihoc Distilleries and Guinness Ghana. Special prizes will be given to the best dressed personalities who came out to represent the fashion style of the 70’s in the most eye catching manner. The event is an initiative of NMJ Ghana; the organizers of Golden Movie Awards Africa and Gold Coast Excellence Awards.

By Jerry Wonder 

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