Gold Coast Lounge Wins Overall Best Movie at Ghana Movie Awards 2019………. Pascal Aka and ‘Yolo’ TV Series Join Top Winners for the Night.

Yesterday at the National Theatre in Accra, Ghanaian produced film ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ was awarded the overall best movie for the year 2019. The movie won an additional 7 awards making it the feature film with the highest wins for the night. The director and producer of the movie, Pascal Aka and Esi Yamoah said it was not just an exciting moment for them but also an emotional time. The movie ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ is scheduled to be premiered in Ghana at the Silverbird Cinemas in January 2020. Television series ‘Yolo’ was also another big winner at the Ghana Movie Awards yesterday with an impressive 8 awards including the award for the ‘Best TV Series of the Year’.

Though the movie ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ has not been shown at any  cinema in Ghana, the movie won 8 awards at the Ghana Movie Awards yesterday in Accra. The movie featured some fresh talents among established names in the Ghanaian movie industry like Adjetey Anang. The Director of the film, Pascal Aka, had an emotional night as he said this was the first time in his 14 year career as a film director that he won an award for a feature film. He said this meant a lot to him despite winning other awards for his works as a music video director on other platforms. “When I came back to Ghana, some people in the music industry told me that I don’t belong here. The told me that my style was too American. But, I stayed in the music business and my musical video career did very well; I directed videos for great ‘Azonto’ songs and later I dedicated myself to the film industry. I am proud to say that within my 8 years in Ghana, I have won awards for the best directed music video, and now, ‘Best Director for Film’. I don’t know anyone who has done that, but it’s all to the glory of God. I am proud to be a Ghanaian, I am for you and I serve you”, he said.

The producer of ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ Esi Yamoah, had some motivational words after receiving the award for the ‘Overall Movie of the Year’. “One thing I can say as a producer is never give up, always take care of your team and make sure that at the end of the day, the story which you are part of is something great for the world to change, and be improved and also inspire others”, she said.

Popular Ghanaian TV series ‘Yolo’ which is an acronym for ‘You only live once’, also received praises at the event. The hit TV series won 8 awards at the Ghana Movie Awards yesterday. These were ‘Outstanding Editing in a TV Series’, ‘Outstanding Writing in a TV Series’, ‘Best Cinematographer in a TV Series’, ‘Best Director in a TV Series’, ‘Best Lead Actor in a TV Series’, ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Drama TV Series, ‘BEST Supporting Actress in a TV Series’ and ‘Best TV Series of the Year’. ‘Yolo’ shows on both local television in Ghana and YouTube.

By Jerry Wonder 

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