Top 10 Most Friendly Celebrities in Showbiz in Ghana for 2019 Released! …………….’D Cryme’, ‘John Dumelo’ and others make the list!

The relationship between a celebrity and a fan or a potential fan is very important because without a mutual relationship, both sides would not see the need to stay connected. Some celebrities have lost fans because of being rude or insensitive to them. This, in some cases, have caused flourishing careers to plumit at lightening speed. But, when a celebrity is loyal to his or her fans and shows them affection, the fans reciprocate this love and eventually become a defensive unit against any ‘attacks’ that may come against the celebrity whether justified or not; even from the media.

In Ghana, certain celebrities have shown that they understand this concept and last year, were very nice to both their fans and almost anyone who approached them either for selfies, interviews or even just to say hi. The Survey and Research Team of Shine Publications monitored quite a number of celebrities in the entertainment industry in Ghana at major events. We even sent some of our people to try to take selfies and ask them questions, and guess what? These were the guys who were consistent with their smiles, friendly gestures and even welcoming comments. Some even went the extra mile to compliment some fans on their outfit; how nice! So, the criteria for the list of ‘Most Friendly Celebrities in Showbiz in Ghana for 2019’ was based on the response to fans or people in public.

So this is the list with some of the events where we did our evaluation and monitoring of these celebrities in Ghana. Congratulations to you all and we hope you don’t change this year 2020.

Top 10 Most Friendly Celebrities in Showbiz in Ghana 2019:

1)  D Cryme – Ghana Football Awards 2019, etc.

2) Regina Van Helvet – Miss Malaika Gh. 2019 auditions, ‘Fix Us’ movie premiere, etc.

3) Mercury Quaye – Ghana World Music Festival 2019, Ghana Dj Awards 2019, parties, etc.

4) Jasmine Baroudi – Movie premieres ( ‘Baby’, ‘New Flame’, ‘The Bridge & the Gaps’, etc.)

5) Richmond Xavier Amoakoh a.k.a ‘Lawyer Nti’ – Numerous movie premieres (Kudi – My Name is Ramadan 2, etc) and MTN Hitmaker auditions.

6) James Gardiner – Donations at Volta Region, Miss Malaika Ghana 2019 auditions, Ghana Movie Awards 2019, etc.

7) John Dumelo – Movie premieres ( ‘Ghetto Hero’, ’40 Looks Good On You’ ticket sales tour, etc.)

8) Gloria Sarfo – Ghana Dj Awards 2019, ‘The Perfect Picture’ movie premiere, etc.

9) Kuami Eugene – Hero Concert, back stage of numerous concerts,  etc.

10) Samini – ( Saminfest 2019, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards experience concert, V.G.M.A. Business Summit, V.G.M.A. 2019 Official Launch, etc.)

By Shine Publications (Survey & Research Team).

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