The Launch of the Maiden Edition of the ‘Emerging Movie Awards’ Comes off This Saturday.

A new awards’ scheme set to project and celebrate hardworking stakeholders and promising screen talents in the Ghana Movie industry dubbed ‘Emerging Movie Awards’ is scheduled to be officially launched on Saturday 1st February 2020 at the ‘Gh Media School’ in Achimota. The founder of the awards Raymond Kombat, stated that the main target of the awards scheme is young talented film makers. He added that these talents may have been neglected by other film awards in Ghana because of their few years of experience in film making or other factors. He said it was necessary to recognize these talents as they were also significant contributors to the growth of the film industry in Ghana.

The founder of the ‘Emerging Movie Awards’ Raymond Kombat, has criticized some film awards in Ghana as ignorant of the contributions of young but talented film makers in Ghana. He said it is for this reason that the ‘Emerging Movie Awards’ was absolutely necessary. “We have a lot of talented young film makers who are pushing hard but are not being recognized because most of the film awards we have in Ghana target the likes of Majid Michel, John Dumelo’s and that class of people. But, the ‘Emerging Movie Awards’ is here for the young film makers”, he explained.

Responding to the criteria for the selection of the nominees of the ‘Emerging Movie Awards’, Raymond Kombat stated that age was not among the factors. “When I say young film makers, I don’t mean young as in a measure of age but the years of experience and also film makers who produce for the youth. For instance, an 80 year old film maker who just began producing movies a few months ago, qualifies to be called a young film maker by our criteria”, he explained.

The ‘Emerging Movie Awards’ has so far received a warm welcome from stakeholders of the Ghana film industry. There has been numerous celebrity endorsements for the event on social media from names like actors Anthony Woode, Qwesi Blay, Vicky Zugah, Jessica Williams, and award winning film maker Tony Ramesh Lachman.

By Jerry Wonder 

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