Charter House Reacts to Number of V.G.M.A. Submissions for 21st Edition

After the official closure of the submission of entries for the 21st Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the franchise holders and organizers of the scheme ‘Charter House’, have stated that there was an increase in the number of submissions for nominations compared to last year from musicians and other stakeholders in Ghana. In an exclusive interview with Shine Publications today in Accra, the Head of Communications at Charter House ‘Robert Klah’, stated that the increment was a sign that musicians in Ghana still had confidence in the awards scheme. 

Following the unfortunate incident that occurred at last year’s edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, some might think that there would have been a decline in interest from stakeholders of the music industry in Ghana. But, after the closure of submissions for this year’s edition, the organizers of the event ‘Charter House’ have reported an increase in the number of entries that were submitted for nominations. According to them, a total of 632 entries from both online and office drop-off submissions were received, making submissions from this year’s edition, 32 entries higher than the previous year. The Head of Communications at Charter House Robert Klah, described this as a positive development. “The increment means that a lot more people have been able to access the scheme hence submit more works. It also means that a lot more musicians still have confidence in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards”, he said.

According to Charter House, the next few weeks will be dedicated to the evaluation of entries by the VGMA Board, as per the scheme’s categories and definitions. The final list of nominees for the 21st edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards will be officially announced on the 28th of February 2020 at the Nominees Announcement Party in Accra.

By Jerry Wonder 

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