Top 5 Most Liked & Most Stable Couples in Showbiz in Ghana in 2019

Criteria: Attention from public (Via social media, face -to -face, at events, etc) and stability of marriage (by monitoring and investigating rumors of breakups, quarrels and couple’s response or reactions to problems, negative issues that may affect their relationship, etc).

In descending order (from highest to lowest)

1) Shirley Frimpong Manso and Ken Attoh.

Sticking together through thick and thin despite what nearly brought these two love birds into public ridicule after both were published in the newspapers as defaulters of a loan by creditors. They stuck together and came back stronger by combining their efforts, expertise and resources to produce a sequel of their film ‘The Perfect Picture’. The premieres were very successful as people trooped to the halls to see the continuation of a classic African story. Both are film makers and have won awards for their works.These two are the definition of ‘for better or worse’, congratulations!

2) Okyeame Kwame and Annica Nsiah Apau.

These two are always happy. One might want to get married immediately just by looking at them. They are mostly in the news for complementing each other. Well, we are not saying that marriage is all about keeping up appearances, but sometimes, even when there may be a problem between the couple, the best way to solve it is to smile at outsiders and work harder inside.These two demonstrate this the best.

3) Beverly Afaglo and Praye Eugene ‘Ho no ho’.

The actress and musician couple, as many would anticipate, should been the worse combination for a good marriage. But, contrary to this perception, these two are an example of everlasting love. Despite the fact that they both work independently and in different circles, they never fail to show each other affection in public. They are also almost never in the media for negative reasons. Last year, actress Beverly Afaglo was on social media celebrating her hubby Eugene at a private birthday party. She made quite some noise on her booboo’s birthday s if it was his last, lol. We love you both.

4) Stacy Amoateng and Okyeame Quophi.

Both husband and wife keep rising in their independent careers and openly support each other. 2 years ago, Stacy Amoateng won the overall best Tv Presenter at the annual Radio and Television Personality Awards in Ghana. Her husband Okyeame Quophi walked her up the stage to receive her award. These two are proof that one can still pursue a career and excel and at the same time be in a good and stable marriage.

5) Selly Galley and Praye Fiawoo ‘TieTia’.

Prior to the marriage, the two went through some thick drama. Especially, when Selly was admitted into the Tv reality show ‘Big Brother’. A lot of people expected the relationship to crash after her exit due to wide spread rumors that Selly had a romantic affair with one of the colleagues during the show. But, both of them shock a lot of Ghanaians by getting married and have remained happy and loud with photos to celebrate their union displayed on social media periodically. Praye Fiawoo ‘TieTia’ has been very supportive of his wife’s career; last year, he even accompanied her to the premiere of one of her movies ‘Baby’ at Snap Cinema in Accra. We call them ‘unbreakable’.

We do this Top 5 chart to help promote good habits in our marriages, encourage our celebrities and talents not to see marriage as an enemy to a career person but rather to identify a good potential partner in order to progress in life. We hope this goes far to encourage others to choose the right person and maintain a healthy and productive balance between love and work.

By Shine Publications Survey & Research Team

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