Film Director Kyei Baffour Speaks about Making the Movie ‘AMA’.

Movie fans in Ghana became excited after seeing what looked like a Ghanaian action movie. The official posters displayed on social media elucidated some exciting reactions and positive comments from movie fans in Ghana. However, the excitement was cut short when the official release date of the movie ‘AMA’, was indefinitely postponed a few days to the premiere in Accra. The Director of the movie Kyei Baffour, said that the postponement was necessary and due to technical challenges. However, he assured fans that the movie will be premiered once the errors were fixed. He disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications yesterday on phone from Tamale.

Movie Director Kyei Baffour debunked the assumptions that the postponement of the premiere of the movie ‘AMA’ was due to poor ticket sales. He said it was rather because he sought to bring out something that everyone would appreciate. “The main reason for the postponement was due to technical difficulties and concerns we encountered during post production. A lot of effort went into making the film “AMA”, and so we needed to make sure all was correctly done so the audience would be satisfied. Production is still fixing all the challenges and would release the details of the premiere within the shortest possible time”, he explained.

Kyei Baffour also spoke about the casting for the film and his experience working with the lead characters Van Vicker and Esi Hammond. “Van vicker’s choice was difficult to come by at the start. We had several actors lined up for the role with Van Vicker shortlisted for another role; due to his time schedule and fears. But, after he read the script, he fell in love with the script and agreed to avail himself for anything no matter how long. The choice of Esi Hammond, well was easy. She auditioned for the role and amongst all the actors who auditioned for the same role, she was the best”, he said.

The film Ama is a dramatic thriller which tells the story of the struggles of a young lady who witnessed the harshness of society. And just when she thought the light at the end of the tunnel was due, life took a nasty turn on her forcing her to witness the outrageous ordeal in human trafficking and sex trades.

Director  Kwame Kyei Baffour is a film graduate from the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and has written, produced and directed several films such as Hellbound, Luciana, PoverD, Blindheart. He is currently in the North of Ghana filming a new project titled ‘Kadara’.

By Jerry Wonder 

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