Meet Anthony Woode…….the ‘Mad Man’ Who Kissed Jackie Appiah!

Rising Ghanaian actor Anthony Woode is currently working on a new film in which he plays a ‘mad man’. The handsome actor who got the ladies attention after playing the lover of actress Jackie Appiah in Abdulsalam Mumuni’s ‘2 Days After Friday’ last December, has stated that though acting as a ‘mad man’ was a little bit uncomfortable for him, he still loved the character and was glad to have accepted to be in the movie. He said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications yesterday in Accra.

After having mouth -to – mouth contact with gorgeous actress Jackie Appiah, many would expect a lover boy image branding to influence the choice of movie roles for a rising actor like Anthony Woode. But, on the contrary, Anthony Woode recently picked up a less admirable role as a ‘mad man’ in a new film yet to be released. He described his experience in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications yesterday. “It was quite a challenging role because i had to come out of my comfort zone to play a mad man, who is “bipolar”. I had to get into the character from the first day on set. I even had to walk barefooted on set, laugh when nothing was funny and so on, just to familiarize myself with some of the habits of a ‘mad person’ in order to play the character. The first time I read the script, I fell in love with the character even before I was cast for the role. I love this movie because it has more actions than dailogues”, he explained.

The movie is scheduled to be released sometime this year in cinemas in Ghana. The movie  tells a story of  love between a sane woman and a ‘mad man’. Their intimacy occurred as a result of a rape case,  but later developed into something more complex. A fictional love story in a modern setting.

By Jerry Wonder

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