Jackie Appiah Talks about ‘Love at First Sight’ at the Premiere of ‘My Partner’s Enemy’ on Valentine’s Day.

Award winning actress Jackie Appiah on Friday Valentine’s Day, spoke about ‘love at first sight’ and other challenges that people experience in romantic relationships. She was speaking with reference to her new film ‘My Partner’s Enemy’, which was premiered on the same day at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. Contrary to the movie ‘My Partner’s Enemy’, Jackie Appiah stated that ‘love at first sight’ is not synonymous to every long lasting relationship, and added that detaching yourself from an ex-lover was a matter of choice and not an unbreakable emotional bond. She said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications.

Even though she acted as the lead character in a movie that celebrated the power of ‘love at first sight’, Jackie Appiah did not agree with this in real life situations. “I can’t speak for everyone because everybody differs. Some people have claimed to fall in love with someone just at the sight of the person, but I don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’; although I probably feel there can be attraction. There are some people who don’t fall in love at first sight so I can’t generalize it, and I don’t think love at first sight works for everybody”, she said.  

Jackie Appiah added that love is a phenomenon that needs to be handled in truth with bold decisions and discipline as necessary factors needed to progress in one’s love life. She said breaking the bond between an ex-lover was not impossible but a decision. “I don’t believe it is so difficult to cut ties with your ex – lover. I believe if you put your mind to it, you can move forward. The past is your past, so just move forward in life and forget the past. For me personally, I would move forward and leave my past behind me. But, some people can’t do that, but to me, it’s not something difficult for me to do. I just think of the way forward and forget everything else. If someone leaves your life, it is probably for a reason and God has better plans for you”, she explained.

By Jerry Wonder

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