Kobi Rana Achieves Unprecedented Success with Nationwide Movie Premiere on Valentine’s Day!

Last year was a battle between multi talented film maker Kobi Rana and actress Yvonne Nelson for supremacy at the cinemas on Valentine’s Day, but this year was different, as ‘Players Versus Slayers’ ; a film production from Kobi Rana, filled halls across Ghana. With the movie showing simultaneously at 17 centres across 10 major cities in Ghana, kobi Rana made this the biggest nationwide movie premiere in a single day. He expressed his joy and satisfaction at the outcome in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications saying movie premieres are not mainly about the venue but rather the substance of the movie. The movie is set in modern day Ghana and relates to the Valentine season, hence its timely release.

Knutsford University College, a private university college in Accra, saw a host of young people move in and out the main auditorium between 7pm and 1am as  film maker Kobi Rana’s Valentine’s Day movie ‘Players Versus Slayers’, showed three times. Each time the numbers grew, until the organizers had to bring in extra seats for the crowd. As a result of the lack of space, some of the seats had to be arranged in the main path leading to the stage. The director and producer of ‘Players Versus Slayers’ Kobi Rana, said audience loyalty was based on good movies and not necessarily the venue. “It’s about the movie and not the cinema. Take a good movie to the cemetery and people we still come and watch. I finished shooting this movie in January ; I started on 2nd January 2020, but i usually shoot in November for my Valentine’s Day movie. But, because we prepared for months we were ready; after all, you cannot afford to drag the production. And sop I am glad it has been a success despite the short time we used in filming”, he said.

‘Players Versus Slayers’ featured some prominent names like Richmond Xavier Amoakoh popularly known as ‘Lawyer Nti’, Zynnel Zuh, comedian Foster Romanus, Akumah Mamazimbi, among others. The movie was shown at the same time on Valentine’s Day at various major cities in Ghana namely Accra, Tema, Winneba, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Prampram, Wa, Takoradi and Koforidua.

Kobi Rana also asked the audience to anticipate his next movie which will address various challenges Ghanaians are experiencing in the country from corruption to economic fluctuations.

By Jerry Wonder

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