Love Returns to the Cinema with the Premiere of ‘My Partner’s Enemy’.

After the rise of comedy in Ghanaian cinemas, love stories have taken a back seat since 2019. Last year, most of the biggest commercially successful movies in Ghana were comedy namely ‘Away Bus’, ‘Three Idiots and a Wise Man’ and others. But, on Friday Valentine’s Day, love resurfaced with the premiere of a romantic drama ‘My Partner’s Enemy’ at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. The movie boarders on two issues: ‘learning to love’ and ‘falling in love at first sight’. The audience reacted with emotional comments at the end of the premiere expressing their satisfaction with the story of the movie.  

At a point in time, the Ghanaian audience complained about the monotonous love stories that had taken over the Ghanaian film industry, hence the rise of comedy in recent times. However, the premiere of ‘My Partner’s Enemy’ has reignited the desire and appreciation for good love stories. Some of the attendants at the premiere applauded the movie at the end of the premiere. Martin Quansah, a student from the University of Ghana expressed his satisfaction. “It was a nice movie, even though I didn’t like the ending because I wanted Jackie (Yvonne) to marry the other guy (Maxwell) and not ‘Jango’. But, I enjoyed it”, he said.

The lead character ‘Yvonne’ played by Jackie Appiah, was caught up in an emotional dilemma between two men. Some of the female guests at the premiere agreed to have personally experienced such a situation but declined to speak to Shine Publications about it. However, actress Jackie Appiah advised that in such a predicament in a romantic relationship, the answer comes from within.  “My character was in a situation where she was confused on what to do; marrying a criminal who she was deeply in love with or a decent guy who she had no feelings for? But, I believe that you need to follow your heart to wherever it leads you to”, she said.

Among the cast were Ghanaian pioneer actress Kalsum Sinare, Jasmine Baroudi, top model Ian Wordi and a host of others. ‘My Partner’s Enemy’ tells a story about a prostitute who is faced with the choice of an uncertain life with a drug dealer who she truly loves and a life a peace and decency with a good Samaritan who she has no feelings for. The drama unfolds as reality reminds her each day of the two sides of the coin of which she can only choose one.

By Jerry Wonder

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