‘Till Sunset’ Premieres this Saturday with a Message against ‘Sex for Jobs’ and More!

Come this Saturday at the Silverbird cinemas in Accra, the movie ‘Till Sunset’, will be unveiled. The movie highlights some unacceptable practices in the Ghanaian film industry as well as challenges facing the youth in present day Ghana. In an exclusive interview with the Director of the film Joseph Clef Aboah, he stated that the movie was inspired by his personal experiences. He added that the movie is also a motivational story and advised that the youth needed to persist in life in order to succeed. The main cast of the movie are rising actors who are gradually making their way into the spotlight in Ghana.

‘Till Sunset’ emphasizes on the rumored habits of filmmakers demanding sex from actors before giving them roles in movies among other challenges in the industry. The Director Joseph Clef Aboah, named some of the challenges and described them as detrimental to the growth of the film industry in Ghana. “This series exposes a lot of issues the youth face especially in showbiz such as Film producers taking money from new actors as a surety for roles, having sex with actresses for roles, among others. Now, the order of the day is comedy movies. But, these actually do not have educative elements in them; even though this does not apply to all comedy stories. But, everyone wants to do comedy and we are not telling stories that will solve problems in our society. Yes, comedy is great but, at the end it should have some education in there. Remember films are made to educate and entertain”, he explained.

‘Till Sunset’ tells the story of a group of friends who are caught up in their various ambitions and simultaneously faced with unique challenges as they aspire for a better life. The movie also illustrates how wrong choices can influence the outcome of one’s future. The Director of the movie Joseph Clef Aboah, explained how the series came about and its purpose. “Till Sunset’ came as an inspiration out of my personal experience; I refused to give up in life no matter how hard life was.  I also focused on the unemployed graduates which every year are produced after their national service, because I want this movie to motivate them not to always wait for the government, but rather use the skills they learnt from school in doing something”, he explained.

Joseph Clef Aboah is a past student of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI). He joined the film industry in the year 2006 as an actor and production assistant, and worked his way to the position of film director and producer in the year 2015. He has worked with brands like GH ONE TV as a director and producer. He has also worked on few movies and series such as’ Game Over’, ‘Influence’ tv series , ‘PoverD’, and others.

By Jerry Wonder

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