‘Till Sunset’ Web Series Successfully Premieres at Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall ………Despite Risk of Using Upcoming Actors as Lead Characters.

On Saturday 29th February 2020, Ghanaian produced internet series ‘Till Sunset’ drew an impressive crowd at the Silverbird Cinemas inside the Accra Mall during its second showing. Though the movie was shown in only two cinema halls, some film directors have praised not just the story of the film, but the attendance. They said it was a risky gamble for a web series and also for new faces and upcoming actors to headline a feature film. The Director and creator of ‘Till Sunset’ Joseph Clef Aboah, said that his decision to use new faces was not as a result of financial constraints. He also promised a follow up to the movie as a sequel in due time. He disclosed this yesterday in Accra. 
This year, most of the Ghanaian produced  movies for cinema, have featured well known names like actress Jackie Appiah in ‘My Partner’s Enemy’, Richmond Xavier Amoakoh in ‘Players Versus Slayers’ and others. But, very few or even none have attempted to make a feature film with new faces or upcoming actors as lead characters. Nevertheless, Director Joseph Clef Aboah said that his choice for new faces was deliberate and he has not regretted his decision. “I used new faces not be cause of financial constraints; that wasn’t the issue at all. It has been my goal to always work with majority of new faces on my set because most of my works are targeted at the youth. Therefore, any film or series that I produce, I make sure the cast comprises 90% new faces. I also believe that the youth are the future of the film industry in Ghana therefore, they should be given the platform to help them grow”, he explained.
‘Till Sunset’ tells a story of some of the challenges and ambitions some of the youth face in Ghana with an appeal to modern and current trends. The movie stars Andy Tetteh as the lead character and a host of other promising names. The Director and creator of ‘Till Sunset’ Joseph Clef Aboah, confirmed a continuation of the movie in the next sequel at a later date. 
The Business Manager at the Silverbird Cinemas said he was impressed with the turnout of the movie. ‘Till Sunset’ is the first web series to premiere at the Silverbird cinemas in Accra. 

By Jerry Wonder

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