‘Kadara’ Was Shot in 22 Days! …. Director Kyei Baffour Talks About the Making of the Movie

Film maker Kyei Baffour has described his latest work ‘Kadara’ as a masterpiece. He said the experience of making the movie was exciting and the effort put into the production right from the basic stages to the finishing would catapult the film onto the global stage. He said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications yesterday in Accra. The movie ‘Kadara’ has gotten some attention from the Ghanaian media in anticipation of its release later this year.  

After the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Azali’ in 2018, making movies about stories from the Northern part of Ghana seem to be the way to go to get international recognition. But, film maker Kyei Baffour has revealed that his latest work ‘Kadara’, will attain enviable heights, not because of the trend, but because of the work and commitment that was put into making the film. “It took me about 22 days to film “Kadara” which was shot in villages; ‘Doku’ and ‘Kanshegwu’ in Tamale. The script for “Kadara” was written by 3 different screenwriters; Maxmore, Klonobi and myself. So for me as a filmmaker, I believe I treated the subject of the film to its fullest and l’m sure patrons would love everything in the film from the technical inputs, locations, the cast and the deliveries. I believe ‘Kadara’ would be seen on all major platforms and pave ways for bigger films”, he said.

Film maker Kyei Baffour also described his experience in filming for about a month in the Northern Region of Ghana. “It was a great experience. I lived through a different culture and the people of the North were very welcoming and helpful. The serenity of the place also made filming fun. Language was the only thing I will say was the major challenge; apart from the ever blazing sun”, he said.

‘Kadara’ is expected to premiere sometime this year. The movie illustrates the story of a young lady called ‘Yasira’ played by Habiba Sinare, who goes back to help her childhood community and has to deal with a never changing culture and its demands. The movie includes popular faces namely Fred Amugi, Kofi Adjorlolo, Peter Ritchie, Anthony Woode among others. The movie was produced by Habiba Sinare.
 By Jerry Wonder

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