3Music Awards 2020 ‘Fanfest’ Comes off this Saturday!

Seeking to build momentum and encourage stakeholder participation in the upcoming ‘3Music Awards’ this year, the organizers have scheduled a day of interaction between the nominees of this year’s edition of the ‘3Music Awards’ and fans. The event is dubbed ‘Fanfest’ and due this Saturday 14th March at the Polo Club in Accra. According to the organizers, it will be a time to enjoy great music from some of the best musicians in Ghana; as well as network with industry personnel. 
The ‘3Music Awards’ has set the tone for the need for an alternate music awards platform since its inception in 2018. The organizers have gradually sought to improve the standards of the event in order to encourage more participation from stakeholders and the public. This year, a brand new addition to the awards scheme called ‘Fanfest’ has been introduced to boost the interest in the public towards the event. According to the organizers, ‘Fanfest’ will not just entertain but also create relationships between the fans, the musicians and other industry personnel. “The purpose of ‘Fanfest’ is to assemble nominees to engage or interact with their fans through music, food and art. Nominees will sign autographs, display their merchandise, play video games with their fans and perform on stage as well”, they said.
The ‘3Music Awards’ is an annual music awards scheme that seeks to celebrate music made in Ghana by awarding deserving musicians by way of popular vote by the public. Last year’s edition was one of the most talked about events as controversial Dancehall and Afropop musician ‘Shatta Wale’ took home the highest number of awards. The organizers have promised a much more exciting event this year.
By Jerry Wonder

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