Fred Amugi Disagrees that the Success of ‘Aloevera’ was Mainly Because of the Casting!

Pioneer actor Fredi Amugi recently responded to some critics who have attributed the hugely successful premiere of the movie ‘Aloevera’ to the cast. The cast was dominated by Ghanaian celebrities even though many didn’t play major roles in the movie. Actor Fred Amugi, who also starred in the film, said that both the public and the cast appreciated the story of the movie and that was the real ‘success factor’. He said this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications at the premiere of ‘Aloevera’ last week at the Silverbird cinemas at Weija. 

The current trend for successful movies in Ghana is either a comedy genre or a star studded cast. Successful Ghanaian movies that have drawn large crowds to their premieres for having a celebrity cast recently are ‘The Perfect Picture’ by Sparrow Productions, ”Ghetto Hero’ by Famous Films, ‘Players Versus Slayers’ by Kobi Rana, and so on. But, pioneer actor Fredi Amugi, who also starred in the movie ‘Aloevera’, has objected to this belief that this was what led to a successful premiere of the movie ‘Aloevera’. “I would disagree that it is not the story and mainly the casting that has resulted in a successful premiere. The Producer and Director of ‘Aloevera’ Peter Sedufia, has been a very good writer right from his early days at N.A.F.T.I (National Film and Television Institute). Even though, casting was also a contributing factor, the writing was also very good because, if the story wasn’t good, the Director of the film couldn’t have gotten actors like Adjetey Anang, Roselyn Ngissah or myself to be part. So, it is not solely the casting factor but the story as well”, he explained.

During the premiere of ‘Aloevera’ in Accra, both Silverbird cinemas’ branches at the Accra and West Hills Mall sold out all 5 halls each with a minimum of 200 seaters, at the 11 o’clock showing and the 9 0’clock showing respectively. The last showing for the movie at West Hills Mall was at 10:30 pm and some of the last batch of viewers were seen leaving the Silverbird Cinemas at 1am. ‘Aloevera’ is still showing at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. 
By Jerry Wonder

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