Hollywood Actor Idris Elba Offers Hope Amid Coronavirus Pandemic.

After testing positive for the deadly Covid – 19 infection, Hollywood Actor Idris Elba sent out a message of encouragement to the world through social media. He said he was fine and encouraged others to remain calm and fight the Coronavirus. He said he was optimistic that the world can win the war against the Coronavirus because even as an asthmatic person, he has remained strong and hasn’t giving into the virus. He said this in a video he posted a few days ago on Twitter from an undisclosed location.

Ghanaian – Sierra Leonean Hollywood Actor Idris Elba today encouraged people via social media platform ‘Twitter’ to remain optimistic in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. “We are ok and we are thankful for that. I think the worst of it has passed. I am still ‘A – symptomatic’ but still trying to stay optimistic. I thought I was going to see the worst of the infection as an asthmatic person but I made it though so you can to. And to everyone that’s going through some hard times right now, these are going to be tough times for everyone but just try to keep your head up. I’m still here and we are going to fight this through”, he said. 

Idris Elba also joked about being bored as he is known to be very active and jovial. “We have passed the quarantine period but we are stuck in limbo because we can’t get a flight back home. So we have to sit for a little bit and that’s weird because I never sit still”, he said.
Idris Elba has starred in major blockbuster movies like Marvel Comic’s ‘Avengers Infinity War (2019), ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ (2019) as well as other hit movies. He recently got married to his girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre Elba who is currently with him in isolation. Their location hasn’t been disclosed but many believe the couple to be isolating in Northern America.
By Jerry Wonder

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