Kobi Rana Sings to Create Awareness About Coronavirus in Ghana.

Ghanaian actor, singer and filmmaker ‘Kobi Rana’ recently released a song called ‘We Will Survive’ to help educate Ghanaians and spread the word about the global pandemic Covid – 19. He said the presence of the infection in Ghana has caused a lot of fear among the public and so he decide to do something to send a message of hope. He disclosed this some days ago to Shine Publications on a phone interview.

Celebrated multi-talented Ghanaian Kobi Rana, recently added his voice to the ongoing campaign to educate the public about the deadly Coronavirus in Ghana. He did this by officially releasing a new song that talks about the preventive measures against the Coronavirus as well as loving and supporting one another in these times. He said that the growing panic among the public in Ghana is part of the reason he decided to create the song. “The current world situation has brought fear and so I decided to do something as someone from the creative arts to give hope to humanity. And, just like videos are being made by influential people to educate the public, creative people can also use their skills to share health protocols”, he explained.
Kobi Rana added that he has paused filmmaking for a while since the Coronavirus outbreak in Accra. “I have been home watching great movies and series, and learning more on the internet about film making and stage performance”, he added. 
Kobi Rana will also be releasing a brand new follow-up on his Ramadan movie ‘M Name is Ramadan’ later in the year. This would be the third installment to the franchise.
By Jerry Wonder 
Link to song: https://youtu.be/QjH3rwNUVJk

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