“Purchased Tickets for ‘Uncrushable’ Movie Premiere are Still Valid” ……… Nana Yaa Agyare

The movie ‘Uncrushable’ which was initially scheduled to be premiered on the 13th of April this year, has been officially postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. However, a statement released by the production company D.M.F Productions stated that all purchase tickets are still valid and would be accepted when the new dates for the premiere are announced. The statement was released 2 days ago by the Public Relations Officer of D.M.F Productions Nana Yaa Agyare.

After optimistic predictions that the global Coronavirus pandemic would be eradicated soon, the producers of the film ‘Uncrushable’ have finally announced that the premiere of the movie has been officially postponed due to the outbreak. The Public Relations Officer for D.M.F Productions Nana Yaa Agyare, confirmed this, but also assured fans that their tickets remain valid. She stated this in a press release 2 days ago. “To our fans who have purchased tickets for any of the premieres of ‘Uncrushable’, those tickets are still valid for any other premiere date of the movie in the near future.This also affects all four shows namely Accra, Lagos, California and Arizona. Therefore, we advice our fans and well wishers to heed to the global fight against Covid – 19 by staying at home and observing the prescribed safety measures”, the statement read.

‘Uncrushable’ was produced by D.M.F productions and distributed by Pinnacle Films. The movie blends both Nigerian and Ghanaian actors to illustrate the chemistry between the two nations. The movie also features Nigerian actor Yemi  Blaq, Kaduna International Film Festival ‘Best Actress’ for 2018 Rabby Bray among others. 

By Jerry Wonder

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