Celebrities in Ghana Live Fake Glamorous Lifestyles…….. Says Shatta Wale

A few days ago, Ghanaian award winning musician Shatta Wale via a video taken from his residence in Accra, condemned the pretentious lifestyles of most Ghanaian celebrities. He described this as a ‘fake life’ and said that the response from some of the celebrities to their fans amid the presence of the Coronavirus in Ghana was evidence that their advertised wealthy lifestyles were indeed fake. He added that this was wrongly motivating the youth in Ghana.

After recently organizing Ghana’s first ever digital music concert, Dancehall and Afropop musician ‘Shatta Wale’ described most Ghanaian musicians as hypocrites saying that they could not implement projects like his ‘Faith Concert’ because they were broke. “Ghanaian artistes don’t have the money to organize something like the ‘Faith Concert’ because a lot of them are poor and suffering. Currently, the Coronavirus is in Ghana, so what are they giving to their fans as a show of support and care? A lot of Ghanaian artistes live too many fake lives to the point that they can’t even show people where they live because they don’t really have houses”, he said.

Shatta Wale added that the publicized fake lifestyles by a lot of Ghanaian celebrities is misleading the youth as it gives them a falsified picture of the entertainment industry. “These fake lifestyles of these artistes are now being copied by upcoming musicians and admired by the youth, so they desire to enter the entertainment industry, but when they do, they begin to suffer and struggle because they were motivated by lies. It is also because of these fake lifestyles that some of the artistes are not getting paid well. So let’s be wise, let’s think, and stop this behavior”, he explained.

By Jerry Wonder

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