Coronavirus Season is Not the Time to be ‘Beefing’ ……. Says Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician ‘Shatta Wale’ recently blamed fellow musician Sarkodie and the media for being insensitive to the plight of many Ghanaians during the Coronavirus season. He was responding to a recent alleged lyrical attack from musician Sarkodie on a song called ‘Sub Zero’. He described the timing as bad due to the worries and sadness of the public amid the presence of the Coronavirus in Ghana. He stated this in a video he shared on social media from his home in Accra a few days ago.

Ghana’ most celebrated rapper Sarkodie recently released a song called ‘Sub Zero’ in which he talked about hypocrites and people who want to see him fall, but the rapper did not mention any names in the song. However, some fans and critics have pointed fingers at award winning Dancehall and Afropop musician Shatta Wale as the target. The growing debate caught the attention of Shatta Wale but he responded saying this is not the time for such things. “In this Coronavirus season, when people are dying and the government of Ghana is fighting to keep us safe, this is the time some musicians have chosen to be ‘beefing’. Some say their bored and don’t have anything to do, but I was able to use my money to organize ‘The Faith Concert’ in my house, so you musicians who claim to have money, can’t you think and also organize something in your houses? We are in very sad times yet some people are acting like they are not aware of the situation at hand”, he said.

Sarkodie also commented on the accusations that he was attacking Shatta Wale saying that it was false and going at any local artiste right now wasn’t worth it. “Sub Zero wasn’t a ‘diss’ song because there is no one I can ‘diss’ at this point in my career to make me gain anything. I’m not saying no one is doing well, I mean you could really have bars and be very good, but it is not really worth it going back and forth”, he explained.

Shatta Wale added that the media were also to blame for being bias and not criticizing Sarkodie for such an insensitive action but rather helping promote the unnecessary tension. “If I was the one who did this during the Coronavirus period, almost everybody would be commenting on it and criticizing me for bad timing. But, till date, I have not seen any blogger or media house criticizing Sarkodie for this; absolutely nobody”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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