Ghana Creative Arts Industry Players are Not Proactive ……………… Says Shatta Wale

Award winning musician ‘Shatta Wale’ recently criticized stakeholders of the entertainment industry for not being proactive especially in this time of a partial lockdown due to the increasing cases of Coronavirus infections in Ghana. He stated that this was one of the reasons that the Creative Arts Industry was sagging behind other industries. Shatta Wale was responding to worries from the public and other enthusiasts that the Creative Arts industry might come to a halt until the Coronavirus is eradicated via social media video post from his home in Accra.

Ever since cases of the Coronavirus infection were confirmed in Ghana, numerous events and movie premieres have been postponed and even in some cases canceled. Currently, the entertainment industry in Ghana is on pause with only social media connecting fans to their favorite artistes. But musician Shatta Wale believes that despite the presence of the killer virus in Ghana, entertainers can still make it by being proactive and creative. “But, are we not creative people? Can’t we think and come out with initiatives to generate money? Recently, when I announced the ‘Faith Concert’, some people began trying to take away attention from the event by posting things on social media to distract the public. Instead of the Arts industry to look into the ‘Faith Concert’ and identify the possible benefits, or even try soliciting for the Government’s support to make the event bigger, they didn’t do anything”, he said.   

As a result of the presence of the Coronavirus in Ghana, major entertainment events such as the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and the ‘3Music Awards’ have been postponed indefinitely amid fears of the spread of the deadly virus. A few days ago, Shatta Wale became the first ever musician in Ghana to hold a digital music concert at his home in Accra with industry standard logistics such as lighting, stage and sound catering to over 10,000 viewers across the globe via a live broadcast on YouTube.

By Jerry Wonder

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