Outside My Window (Dedicated to the Front Line Personnel in the Fight Against Covid – 19).

It’s raining outside, but I can’t go to play; especially today. As I stare from my window, I hear the sounds of joy and laughter, chapter by chapter, as I recall the days when we ran through the valley holding our kites with our smiles brighter than the Paris lights.

And then it came, a cold odorless breeze, an uninvited guest, a bird of prey with no nest, and with pain it made it’s name among men, among them who challenged its aim and sought the end of its reign.

Now, we take refuge behind our walls of mortar, every parent, every son and daughter, must put on the Mask of Zoro, not to hide our face, but to protect our race from that which enters without permission, and on a mission to get us out of the fields, with the kites flying no more for this is now law.

Yet, there is hope in the midst outside my window, as the braves emerge from the dark caves, even in the face of death, they strive to preserve the human legacy till their last breath. An oath of death, they willingly took and stood to look it in the eye, and prove the lie that we will go without a fight; certainly not tonight.

For outside my window, there is a faraway light in the dark. And, as the fallen leaves blow in the wind, I hear the braves from the caves singing through their face masks the return of the light, the days of the kites and the splendour of the Paris lights to fade away that which was covert in destruction in 2019 so it might seem, but now obvious in 2020 out numbering us 70:30, and our only source of motivation is when the green leaves grow, and the wind blows with the birds singing outside my window.

By Jerry Wonder (Published 11th April 2020)

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