Ghanaian Movie Director Declined International Film Festival Offer Due to Coronavirus

The Director of the award winning movie ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ Pascal Aka, yesterday in an exclusive phone interview  with Shine Publications from his residence in Accra, revealed that he hesitated to accept an offer from an international film festival in Egypt due to his fears about the Coronavirus. He added that the outbreak of the Coronavirus around the world has halted promising international distribution deals for the film as well as his efforts in increasing the earnings from the film internationally. Currently, the Coronavirus outbreak has frozen all activities in the film industry around the globe; even in his country Ghana. 

After winning the highest number of awards at the Ghana Movie Awards last year, the movie ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ has received some praises for its originality uniqueness from the average Ghanaian movie. It is for this reason that the Director of the movie Pascal Aka, sought international platforms for the film but has lamented about the delays and impediments due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. “Even though I don’t get paid for festivals, I get a lot of contacts and it also increases the value of the film. ‘Gold Coast Lounge’ is a finalist at the ‘Festival International du Film Pan African de Cannes’ 2020 scheduled for 23rd October in France and was also selected for the ‘Luxor African Film Festival’ 2020 in Egypt  which came off last month and to which I was going to be flown and placed in a nice hotel, but I hesitated to go because that was the first country hit with the Coronavirus in Africa”, he explained.

Director Pascal Aka further expressed his frustrations on the standstill of the film industry around the globe. “Gold Coast Lounge looks very promising internationally plus I’m getting more offers for more film festivals and that’s great meaning that the international appeal for the movie is high and that was my goal the whole time. But, it’s bad that the Coronavirus has halted a lot of film cycles. I mean, you shoot a film, exhibit it and then distribute it. I am still in the film festivals and distribution stages of the cycle, but the Coronavirus has halted that”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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