Coronavirus Has Challenged Our Business Model…….Says Charterhouse

Due to the presence of the deadly Coronavirus in Ghana, all entertainment  events of large gatherings have come to a halt as a directive from the President of Ghana. Ghana’s leading events company Charterhouse and organizer of the biggest annual entertainment event in Ghana, the ‘Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’, has acknowledged the difficulty the Coronavirus has brought it. The Head of Public Events and Communications at Charterhouse Robert Klah, said in an exclusive phone interview from Accra with Shine Publications on Tuesday that the Coronavirus has indeed posed a challenge to the business model of their events wing as virtual concerts should be exciting and be able to generate funds in the long run generate, to the keep the company running.

Virtual musical concerts are becoming an alternative to entertainment events  companies in Ghana amid the presence of the Coronavirus in Ghana. However, Ghana’s leading events company with 20 years of experience, have stated that though virtual music concerts is one of the options they have considered with regards to organizing this year’s edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, a virtual entertainment event would have to make financial sense as this was a part of their business model and therefore vital to the survival of the company. “The Coronavirus has challenged our business model which includes the  designing of events for a physical audience at the event venues. Even though we have been broadcasting VGMA events on-air and online already, given the current situation caused by Covid-19, if we decide to go only virtual, it must make business sense”, he said.

Robert Klah added that for virtual concerts or other entertainment events that seek to go virtual, the focus should be on the experience given to the viewers. “Those that intend going into producing such virtual events would have to be creative in executing the experience. So the question is, without the presence of a physical audience, what can be done to make it more exciting?”, he said. 

Charterhouse has recently been on the discussion table as the month of May,  which was initially announced for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, gradually approaches amid the Presidential directive to halt all events of large gatherings in Ghana. Earlier, Charterhouse officially canceled the Nominees Jam in Koforidua following scares of the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

By Jerry Wonder

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