NMJ Ghana Introduces ‘Mash it Up’ Online Music Competition

Organizer of Golden Movie Awards Africa ‘NMJ Ghana’, has recently initiated a 3 months online music competition called ‘Mash it Up’ for upcoming talented musicians. The competition is aimed at exposing music potentials to the world whiles giving them an opportunity to have fun due to recent boredom complaints by some of the youth in Ghana amid the ‘stay at home’ restriction amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The competition was introduced in April 2020.

NMJ Ghana has shown concerns in keeping the Ghanaian entertainment industry alive through their initiatives. Last year in December, the company introduced a new event dubbed ‘December in the 70’s Party’, which was a unique celebration with memorabilia as well as costumes from that era. Recently, NMJ Ghana has extended its efforts to bringing some excitement to the youth in Ghana and also helping them out financially. A communique outlined the purpose and requirements of the ‘Mash It Up’ online music competition. “If you are musically talented and thinking of making some cool cash whiles on lockdown? Then, this is your chance, ‘Mash it up’ is a creative online musical experience which involves creating cover songs and rendition of hit songs that would be remixed and re-fixed by you. This is to give upcoming musicians and talented individuals like you, the chance to show the world your talent whiles having fun too”, the statement read.

Also, interested persons in the competition will be required to record a one minute mash up freestyle video and send it to a particular whatsapp number provided by the organizer. The best 10 videos would be selected and uploaded on the official Instagram page of NMJ Ghana for 2 weeks within which the public will be expected to watch the videos. After the 2 week period, the video with the most views will receive Ghc 300 cash prize, and this will continue for the every 2 weeks with each Sunday at 7pm as the closing time for submissions. Finally, 6 winners from each of the 2 week period within the 3 month programme, will compete in the finals for the ultimate prize of Ghc 3000.

By Jerry Wonder 

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