“We are in Court so the truth will come out”……Inna Patty

The Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Events (Gh). Inna Patty, 2 days ago stated in a live video recording on social media from her residence in Accra, that she is currently in Court addressing a case of false accusations and possible defamatory against the her company and the Miss Ghana Brand respectively. She said such false accusations had gone on for a while, but now was the time to deal with the problem. 

In a live public video chat with ‘Fused Africa’ an online media platform, the Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Events (Gh). Inna Patty, said that she was personally hurt by some of the unjustifiable criticisms made against her company and the Miss Ghana Pageant. However, she added that with the case currently in Court, she was confident that she would be vindicated. “My dad used to tell me, that even if it takes 50 years, the truth will one day come out. But, I can’t wait for 50 years, so I have decided to deal with these deliberate slanders, so we are in Court and eventually the truth will come out”, she said.

Inna Patty added that such allegations were untrue and part of conspiracy plans to ensure the downfall of her company. “I can’t believe how some people can plan and concoct lies. They are just like the Devil; seeking to destroy because they are angry that you are succeeding at it and they can’t”, she said.

By Jerry Wonder 

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