Dj Vyrusky Applauds Dj Switch and Ghana Dj Awards

Award winning Ghanaian Dj ‘Dj Vyrusky’, yesterday in a live video recording on Instagram, praised the talent of child prodigy Dj Switch and described her as very promising. He also commended the founder of the annual Ghana DJ Awards saying the initiative has really impacted  the DJ industry in Ghana positively including himself as an individual. The video was broadcasted from an unknown location on Accra.

After winning the award for the overall best ‘Dj of the Year’ in 2019 at the Ghana Dj Awards, Dj Switch was criticized by some people as undeserving. Some said that the award should have gone to Dj Vyrusky. This set the tone for a debate that has lasted till date. But, Dj Vyrusky yesterday put that argument to rest by congratulating Dj Switch and describing her as a rising talent. “My expectations were high because I had one of the biggest songs with kuami Eugene and Shatta Wale, played on so many tours and almost every major platform in Ghana last year. But, I think Dj Switch did well because she helped take the name of Ghana to places and she is young. The first time I heard her scratch, I said this kid is going to cause some ‘commotion’ in the industry. So I think with a little training she is going to become very good”, he said.

Dj Vyrusky also mentioned that the contributions of Mercury Quaye who is the founder of the Ghana Dj Awards and the relevance of the Ghana Dj Awards cannot and should not be underrated. “I Have said this from day one, the Ghana Dj Awards has really helped the Dj industry. For instance, if it wasn’t for the Ghana Dj Awards, I don’t think I would have even known some Djs in Sunyani. I even think without the Ghana Dj Awards some people wouldn’t have gotten to know me. I know people who talk to me differently just because I am an award winning Dj. Mercury Quaye has his flaws, nevertheless, he has done so much for the Dj industry and we have to appreciate it”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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